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Dupont EVAC-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood
<b><font color=red>Dupont</font> EVAC-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood;
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Part Number: EVACU8   

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Product Info:
Three ouf of four fire fatalities are caused by smoke inhalation.

The most important thing you can do to survive and escape a fire is to maintain your source of breathable air.

The EVAC-U8 Emergency Escape Smoke Hood provides 15 minutes* of breathable air to help you evacuate safely in a fire related emergency.

Those who work or live in high rise buildings, travel on planes or cruise ships and stay in hotels or other unfamiliar locations, may find it more difficult to quickly escape the threat of smoke during a fire.

EVAC-U8 is an innovative personal emergency escape smoke hood. It provides respiratory and eye protection in the event of a fire. It can be used to help you and your loved ones evacuate to safety.

*per established smoke hood standards

About EVAC-U8

EVAC-U8 is a portable air-purifying Respiratory Protective Escape Device (RPED).

It provides respiratory, head and eye protection for 15 minutes* to assist escape from hazardous fire atmospheres.

EVAC-U8's Key Features Include:

Catalytic filter system provides protection against toxic gases created by fire including Carbon Monoxide, the #1 killer in fires.

Heat-resistant hood (made with Kaptonฎ polyimide film, a DuPont material) protects head and eyes, allowing you to see and hear.

Compact size and light weight (approx. 11oz/312g) makes EVAC-U8 easy to store and very portable.

Universal fit - not affected by eyeglasses, hair length, facial hair. No fit testing required.

Requires no maintenance (other than visual inspection) during 5-year service life.

Easy to use - requires minimal training.

Inside EVAC-U8

Components of the EVAC-U8

EVAC-U8™ Emergency Escape Smoke Hood is a unique "pop-can sized" fire safety product designed to improve an individual's chance to get out alive in the event of fire.

1. Kaptonฎ, polyimide hood provides heat and transient flame protection

2. Noseclip prevents re-breathing exhaled air

3. Mouthpiece ensures effective seal with no leakage

4. Air intake system reduces blockages from soot and airborne particles

5. Hopcalite catalyst converts carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide

6. Zeolite desiccant absorbs moisture

7. Activated carbon adsorbs toxic gases created by combustion

8. Electrostatically charged particle filter

9. Photoluminous disk makes canister easier to find in the dark, helps others find you

10. Hood is drawn snugly around neck with flame-retardant draw tapes

Free Replacement

Each EVAC-U8 comes with an 5-year warranty if unopened. If you use your EVAC-U8 to escape from a fire, Life Protectors Company will replace it free upon receipt of the used unit, a testimonial letter and official documentation confirming the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

> Does EVAC-U8™ have an air supply?
> How long does it last?
> What is the "Shelf Life" of EVAC-U8™?
> What if the unit is opened accidentally? Does this affect shelf life? Can you recharge it?
> Can I travel with EVAC-U8™?
> Where should I place my EVAC-U8™?
> Are there any environmental considerations for safe disposal of EVAC-U8™?
Does EVAC-U8™ have an air supply?
EVAC-U8™ is a filter respirator, and it contains no oxygen or compressed air. When you breathe through the filter, the incoming air is cleansed. Toxic gases typically found in smoke from fires such as Carbon Monoxide are filtered out. Unlike many inferior smoke hoods, EVAC-U8™'s unique system of one-way exhalation valves and nose-clip ensures that you do not re-breathe exhaled air. A further benefit is the fact that each time you exhale a slightly positive pressure is created within the hood. This helps keeps smoke and harmful chemicals typically found in smoke away from the eyes, thus avoiding irritation.
How long does it last?
The EVAC-U8™ is intended to provide emergency breathing assistance to allow you to escape from a fire. Depending on the density of smoke and the breathing rate of the user, EVAC-U8™ will provide breathable air for 15 minutes; If you use EVAC-U8™ in an actual fire or emergency, Brookdale International Systems Inc. will replace it free of charge.
What is the "Shelf Life" of EVAC-U8™?
5 years from date of manufacture. Each unit is date stamped at the factory, After the expiry date the unit should be replaced.
What if the unit is opened accidentally? Does this affect shelf life? Can you recharge it?
If the unit is opened and the "one time use only" sticker is broken, the unit must be replaced. Once the filter is exposed to the atmosphere, a chemical reaction begins which will ultimately alter the chemical state of the filter from its original form. This reaction is caused by natural moisture present in the air we breathe, and is common to all types of filtering respirators of this type. EVAC-U8™ cannot be recharged.
Can I travel with EVAC-U8™?
Of course. It is easily packed in hand luggage as a valuable travel aid on air planes, cruise ships or particularly when visiting unfamiliar hotels, offices and public buildings where escape routes may not be familiar.
Where should I place my EVAC-U8™?
EVAC-U8™ comes complete with a wall bracket which is easily mounted to drywall using the screws provided or you may purchase a belt pouch. Keep your smoke hood wherever it is most readily accessible in the event of a fire emergency. At home, the bedroom is a good area, preferably mounting the unit close to your escape route. At the office, close to escape routes or immediate work area, meeting rooms, machinery spaces, control rooms, corridors, etc.
Are there any environmental considerations for safe disposal of EVAC-U8™?
No, The EVAC-U8™ may be disposed of as non-hazardous waste.
The other issue that is of concern is the fact that there are many circulating rumors that

Weight & Dimensions

Approximately 11 oz. (312g). Canister Size: 5.3" x 2.7" (133mm x 68mm)

Limited Warranty

5 years (if unopened). Each unit identified with serial number and expiry date.

Filter Performance

EVAC-U8TM protects against the gases shown below, which are identified

target gases in established standards for smoke hoods.







Minutes To



100 ppm

0.5 ppm

>20 minutes

Carbon Monoxide

2500 ppm

200 ppm

>15 minutes

Hydrogen Chloride

1000 ppm

5 ppm

>30 minutes

Hydrogen Cyanide

400 ppm

10 ppm

>30 minutes








Gas Test Conditions: Air Flow: 30 LPM Constant Flow / Ambient Temperature: 25ฐC / Relative Humidity: 70%.


Test data represents laboratory testing of EVAC-U8TM filter components,



Instructions for Use

Office Fire Emergency

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Note: The EVAC-U8™ is not CE-approved for sale in Europe

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