About Us

What the world now knows as Life Protectors Inc. was formed in June of 1978 by Dr. Steven Shepard who independently consulted with medium to very large companies regarding their needs to reduce risk of injury to their employees through creating a safer working environment, which often involved changes in personal protective equipment usage, alterations to machinery to reduce inherent dangers, and even improvements to lighting, ventilation and general site layout.

Life Protectors Inc. soon recognized that employers not only needed a regular supply of personal protective equipment, but also wanted to improve their work sites for greater efficiency and reduced liability for their own workers and even visitors, but often did not know how or where to obtain the needed products. Life Protectors Inc. phased out of consulting and into becoming an authorized distributor to what is now over 600 major manufacturers of a large array of safety products, industrial tools and equipment, construction, police, fire, military, first responder, and medical supplies.

Several years ago, Life Protectors Inc. opened their construction supplies division that is now a leader is supplying major construction sites worldwide with electrical, plumbing, roofing goods, fasteners, along with hand and power tools commonly used at such sites.

In the year 2000 Life Protectors Inc. launched the medical supplies operation that now is a direct distributor for many of the largest medical products manufacturers and sells just about everything from exam gloves to CAT scan equipment.

Through the past 31 years in business, Life Protectors Inc. has become skilled in accurate preparation of the required documents needed for international shipping of goods by air and ocean, including but certainly not limited to the intricacies of export documents (Shippers Letter of Instructions, etc), invoices, packing lists and the ever changing regulations for transport of hazardous materials.

With over 160,000 items now available, Life Protectors Inc. is able to satisfy nearly every customer, but we have a sourcing department that can locate nearly anything our customers need, as necessary and at best available price. The sourcing services are available to anyone at no charge or obligation.

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